"With 20 years of experience, Tim Knight is an award-winning Director of Photography and Cameraman. He has worked on numerous documentaries, features, dramas and commercials.  

As a Cinematographer, Tim believes his role is to support the Director’s vision. He is a problem solver and a creative collaborator, who ties in the technical side of filmmaking to the artistic.  Having a strong visual aesthetic Tim is able to put a great deal of production value on the screen, regardless of the budget.


Aerials: Experienced in Aerial camera workWescam/Leo / Vectorvision / Sidemount

Drone: Full CAA licence

Steadicam: Trained at NTFS, experienced on all rigs.

ARRI  Trinity operator

Diving: Fully Padi qualified.  Shot in Spain, UK, Philippines, PNG, USA, Caribbean, Dubai, Israel, SA


International Emmy“50 ways to kill your Mammy”

Drama (Winner of London short Film Festival )

Gold Award for “Paul O’Gradys America”.